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Quallity 6-Panel Digi-pack Noi!se formed in the Summer of 2009. Nate and Miko, who both worked at Tsunami Tattoo in Tacoma, started playing some songs Nate had written. While in Korea conducting some training, Matt got an email from Nate, who had heard some stuff from Matt’s old band, asking him to join in on bass. The chemistry was immediate. All three had extremely varied influences, but a common vision to make quality, melodic Oi!/ Streetpunk that reflected the band’s perspective of the world around them. The band recorded a 4-song demo as a three piece where the need for a lead guitar player became very apparent. While watching a Sounders match in a local pub, Matt was approached by Justin who was also aware of his work with his old band and expressed a desire to get something started. The two went over the songs on the demo at Matt’s house, where it became obvious immediately just how much he would bring to the band. With Matt’s deployment to Afghanistan looming in the near future, the clock was ticking for the band to get as much done as they possibly could. Between December of 2009 and December of 2010, Noi!se recorded the ‘Walk Beside Us’ 7”, ‘This is Who We Are’ 10” and the Gestalts split 7” and shared the stage with bands like Sick of It All, Pressure Point and The Business to name just a few. Though the members were only in the same country for 2 months in 2011, it would definitely prove to be their best year, with ‘This is Who We Are’, the Gestalts split and multiple compilations being released and being received better than the band ever could have imagined. …and that’s the story so far… with a lot more to come… TRACK LISTING: 1.Idle Action 2.Coming Storm 3.Reality TV 4.Living For Today 5.Brothers In Arms 6.Warrior Down 7.Take ‘Em All [CockSParrer] 8.This Is Who We Are 9.On The Outside 10.What Happened To The Kids? 11.Blame 12.Pushing On 13.Reason Why 14.Walk Beside Us 15.War (previously unreleased)

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Noi!se - Pushing On CD Digipack

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