Tracklist: A1: Criminal Damage A2: Street Punk Hero A3: Calling Joe Strummer A4: Punk Rock 'N' ROLL A5: Cops & Robbers A6: Gang War B1: No Blacks, N Irish, No Dogs B2: Bastards B3: Bandit Country B4: Generation On Fire B5: A Gang Like Us (Trouble) B6 Saturday's Heroes Digital Bonus Track: Bandit Country (Dub Mix)

For the first time ever, the best-of discography of the street-punk band from Ireland (Dublin) is available and of course appropriately as a 12" LP on fat 180g vinyl, strictly limited and hand-numbered to 666 copies. Hooligan formed in 2009 and have since released 6 EP's, (2009, Punk Rockers & Hellraisers - Advance Records (self release) - 2011 Prodigal Son - Advance Records (self release) - 2013 No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs - Oi! The Boat Records, USA - 2014 Criminal Damage - Oi! The Boat Records, USA - 2017 Teenage Rebel - Reekus Records, Ireland - 2019 Dublin City Rockers - Advance Records (self release) ),with ''First Offence'' the long overdue longplayer compilation of the band's best songs is now released.

Hooligan from Dublin play a brilliant mix of street punk, 77 punk, dub / reggae and their sound is influenced by bands like The Clash ("calling Joe Strummer" is one of the best tribute songs), Addicts, Pistols to Cockney Rejects or Undertones and many more..... and so there is also an extremely varied album here :-) No wonder, because the guys spent their youth in this great time and the cover artwork contains a picture of singer Dave in that decade. "First offence" contains 12 songs and has some super-hits to offer such as "No Blacks, no Irish, no dogs", as "The Clash couldn't have done better. With "Street Punk Hero" there is also lyrically perfidious a street hit bursting with cynicism and "Gang War", "Cops & Robbers" or "Generation on Fire" capture these wild days with all their excesses really authentically. In short, "First Offence" is a real blast and achieves an authenticity that some of today's productions lack with their fake pathos.

You can hear immediately that there are no beginners at work here, in addition to scene veteran David Linehan (voc. / guit.), Tony Van Frater (Cockney Rejects) on guitar / bass, Nicky Buck (Angelic Upstarts) and Paul Slack (original UK Subs) are on board and the result is absolute top class.

The story behind the cover photo:

The photo on the front cover was taken in the spring/summer of 1979 in front of the Advance Records store on South King Street in Dublin, by student Brian Palm (The National College Of Art & Design in Ireland), who was at Trinity College on a scholarship programme. The shop was at that time the punk scene meeting place and it shows the about 10 year old Dave Linehan (center), Zachariah Goodman (left) and Cian Brannelly (right). The photo of the back cover was taken by Patrick Brocklebank in February 1979 with Mick McCabe and Eamon Delaney (Complete Chaos old Dublin punk band), Anto O'Reilly (centre) and Sharon Blennerhassat (later working for U2). Also one or two of the Black Catholics, a band turned gang and famous for blowing up some of the early U2 concerts.

Laketown Records - Sunny Bastards Records - Anarchy Of Sound Records - Advance Records 2023

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