• LOAD - Tattoos & Scars 12" LP Black Vinyl
Growing up through the 70's and early 80's, young, out of work and fucking angry, like most of the youth in Britain we spent our time hanging around the corners, never far from trouble, going to gigs, drinking and being influenced by bands like the "Sex Pistols", "Sham 69", "Cockney Rejects" and "Motörhead" to name a few...

As the years went on we all got jobs and raised our families, still with a middle finger stuck up at the system and its corrupt leaders.

Jump forward 30+ years and the kids have left home and three, still angry old fuckers decided to dust off the instruments and in 2016 "LOAD" were born!

"Older none the wiser, the spirit still lives on", three old Fuckers who should know better but don't! Messing around playing cover of songs we loved back in the day, realising the scene was still going strong we decided to start writing our own material and this vinyl is the result of that!

No politics or religion, just all out rock thuggery, played with a passion and conviction which is as meaningful now as it ever was!

"Yeah we're fuckin' old but we're still in your face, this one goes out to the faithful crew."

Stick this album on, turn it loud and have a lovely cup of tea!

Load are:
Al Tiffen - Bass / Vocals
Tony Cullingford - Drums (A.B.H.)
Dave Brown - Guitar

Limited to:
500x black (includes lyric sheet too)

A1 Working Man
A2 Blood on the streets
A3 Diamond in the rough
A4 Run
A5 Cup of tea
A6 Peaky blinders
A7 Weekend warriors

B1 My town
B2 Dead heroes
B3 Fist of fury
B4 Stuff
B5 Tattoos & scars
B6 Billy no mates
B7 Iceni
B8 Untouchable

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LOAD - Tattoos & Scars 12" LP Black Vinyl

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