• Bastardes - Drunk On Dreams 12" LP + MP3 Red Vinyl


Just the band name is music in our ears but if you put the needle to the record you soon get that incredible WOW-effect! "Drunk on Dreams" presents a great mixture of Melodic-Oi and kickin ass Punkrock with that rough middlefinger-attitude, that we love! No matter if you listen to angry and pissed off straight forward tracks (Fuck off and die; Boot Boys) or midtempo-Oi hymns (The streets belongs to us; This is me) this Debut album fuckin rocks!!! 

And it´s no wonder cause Bastardes are members of very well known scene bands all around the world: main players consisting of Arild Hanssen (Guitar/Bass Guitar ­– Troublemakers), Stefan Johansson (Vocals/Harmonica – City Saints), Niclas Hobro (Guitar – Gatans Lag & Old Fashioned Ideas) and Jenny Woo.

It´s not magic that in this constellation Stefan and Jenny shouting the vocals together...that also makes the record something special and very unique! 

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Bastardes - Drunk On Dreams 12" LP + MP3 Red Vinyl

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