• Disturbance - Shades Of Fear CD

This fabulous Dutch punk band is back with a second album. What album! Their first LP was already brilliant, this one is even better. It's a cross between bands like Varukers, One Way System, Discharge or Lower Class Brats. In short, a mix of various influences, from hardcore punk to street punk, going through 80s punk style. Thus, all tracks are quite different from one another, sometimes speedy, sometimes cool, but always with lots of choruses and a killing sound. 13 titles. Get your mohawks ready ! ! !


1. Welcome To The Dying Age

2. Message From The Underground

3. Parasites

4. Boarding Time

5. Won`t Change Me

6. Voices

7. You Never Will

8. Fire Of Destruction

9. Don`t Back down

10. Shankhill Road 

11. Empty Youth

12. Euroshima 

13. Go March 


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Disturbance - Shades Of Fear CD

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